The theme of the BALTICA 2017


Nature is our home is the slogan chosen as the topic of the BALTICA 2017 Festival.

By this choice we seek to underline the understanding of the world and the nature as a living organism full of life, preserved and inherit in the traditional culture, and a human being sensing as an integral part of it, to talk about human activities, which express respect for the environment, harmonic relation to it and the fulfilling experience of the joy of life, which grows out of it.

In the performances we suggest to focus on:

- animate nature – birds, animals and plants, their biological and mythical meanings (heralds, teachers, guardians, incarnations of ancestors, gods, spirits etc.);

- (conditionally) unanimated nature, primarily, its expressions in the landscape (rivers, lakes, springs, forests, mountains, stones etc.) with all the attributed symbols of vitality, holiness or demon power, also the relation to the earth as a homeland of a human being, the provider of well-being and prosperity;

- natural phenomena (rain, snow, dew, wind, thunder etc.) and natural elements (fire, water, air and earth), their physical and spiritual nature;

- cosmic structures, understanding of the interrelation of cosmic bodies and their relation to human beings.

This thematic context reflects the contemporary progressive tendencies of the relation between the human being and the nature and the world, discussed in the UNESCO documents, which emphasise the importance of intangible cultural heritage in the sustainable development strategies.