Perhaps the most significant is the Town of the Festival at the Bernardine Gardens, where on July 7, 8 and 9 both the foreign and the local participants will settle around 3 stages: they will sing, play music, dance, tell stories, chat, presenting their traditions, crafts and offer to take a bite of their traditional dishes. You would not find a greater opportunity to learn about different cultures and people than this!

Every day will unfold according to their themes and repertoire: July 7 is dedicated to the Flora and the Fauna, the next day, July 8, is in honour of the Sky and the Earth, and June 9 is the celebration of the Nature and the People.

Children and their parents are welcome to visit the Children’s Isle, where they will find out about the nature and the protected sites ofLithuaniaas well as have fun by playing, singing, competing and interacting.

And in the evenings, from 7 p.m., let us gather in the centre of the gardens, near the fountain, to listen and watch concerts.

Come, we invite you to settle here together!