Folklore group ALTO ARAGÓN

Artistic director Jose Mari Palacio

Folklore group “Alto Aragón” was established in 1975 in Jaca by a group of people interested in local folklore. Now there are 75 member working, as in the beginning, autonomously and independent of any institution. The greatest part of their repertoire consists of the folklore of the Alto Aragon valleys of the Pyrenees, which is more than 100 pieces. Aragonian folklore is very expressive and reflects different identities of the people from the valleys.

To the group, authenticity and respect for traditions is essential: “Our folklore is varied and vital, because to this day people pass it on to generations. We collect and interpret instrumental music, dances, such as boleros, waltzes, albadas, mazurkas, as well as Christmas and other traditional songs. From the very beginning we have been visiting the elders from villages of Pyrenees to learn from them. We study in detail every dance, piece of music, way of dancing, costume, song lyrics and other traditions. All of this, in accordance to traditions, we present during our performances while wearing costumes and playing instruments that are characteristic of various regions.”

“Alto Aragón” musicians play the guitars, mandolins, ouds, accordions, bagpipes, flutes, drums, castanets, spoons and many other instruments.

The group has released 4 CDs, they also record songs for Spanish and foreign radio stations and TV channels, take part in folklore conferences and festivals in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia as well as win various honorary awards.