Folklore ensemble MYSTKOWIANIE

Artistic leader Patryk Rutkowski

Founded in 2014, folklore ensemble “Mystkowianie” is like a big family of 32 members from Mystków village, who always perform together. They are the only one folklore group which represent the customs and the dance tradition of Lachy Sądeckie, one of the most interesting and authentic ethnic minorities of Beskidy area. The ensemble travels abroad too – it has participated in festivals in France and Germany and has won honorary prizes.

The members perform a great number of beautiful melodies and group dances to the rhythm of lyrical waltz as well as lively dances with the violin, contrabass, clarinet and trumpet.

For the festival, the ensemble is preparing a special programme, where they will present authentic folklore from Lachy Sądeckie region as well as the diversity of their clothes: an unmarried girl’s, married woman’s, forewoman’s, etc.