Biren Kalindi and group

36-year-old Biren Kalindi, based in Pradya village of West Bengal state of India, is a talented artist who has great skills in playing instruments as well as in executing various roles of the martial dance “Chau”. He has performed in Europe and Asia; he also leads a dance group „Chau-Natua“ that he founded in 2005.

“Chau” is a vigorous traditional martial dance and drama, popular in the Chotanagpur plateau area of Eastern India. Elaborate masks, dazzling costumes, rhythmic drum beatings, powerful acrobatic movements and somersaults in the air make the dance famous and leave audiences impressed. The spirit of “Chau” is based on Indian epics and mythology: the movements mimic demons, gods and various animals, and the rhythm is inspired by the rhythm of nature. The dance is performed during various tribal rituals and ceremonies. In 2010 the tradition was inscribed into UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.