Traditional dance group CORAZONES QUE DANZAN

Artistic directors Magali Cuéllar Martínez, Mario Cesaras Gaytánas Ortizas

Mexican group “Corazones que danzan” was founded by dr. Magali Cuéllar Martínez and Mario Cesaras Gaytánas Ortizas in 2004. Their goal was to get Mexican children acquainted with popular and traditional dances, to show how to perform them on stage as well as how much love needs to be put into everything you do – perhaps, this is the reason why the group is called “Dancing Hearts”.

The project began in a primary school in the State of Mexico and developed into an independent academy, which currently has 80 students divided into the little “hearts”, which is, children of 5–12 years old, and into the young “hearts” – 13–23-year-old youngsters.

Children and youngsters are taught Mexican folk dances alongside jazz, ballet and physical training classes. The performers stand out because of their age. This steals audience’s hearts.