Traditional dance group of Ioannina

Artistic directors Natasha Papadopoulou, George Bazoukas

Traditional dance group of Ioannina was established in 2008 on the initiative of dancers and teachers. The need to preserve local culture, to write down and to pass on both the traditions of their forefathers and of Greece in general is what brings together these like-minded people to this day.

250 dancers, from beginners to advanced, are led by experienced teachers with profound knowledge in the costumes, music, dances and songs from Epirus and the rest of Greece.

The performers not only hold International Traditional Dance Festival in their city, but they also travel around the world and have received recognition in various European festivals.

During “Baltica” the group will present traditional Macedonian and Thracian dances and costumes. 20 dancers will be accompanied by a quartet of clarinet, traditional drum, trumpet and laouto players.