Folk dance group DAGÖ

Artistic director Helle-Mare Kõmmus

Folk dance group “Dagö” from island Hiiumaa was founded 12 years ago. It consists of one female and one mixed dance groups, accompanied by a band of accordion, bagpipe and jaw harp players. Mostly, the group performs dances and games from Hiiumaa and complement them with couple, circle and line dances from islands Muhu, Kihnu, Ruhnu and Hara as well as other popular Estonian dances.

Group “Dagö” is named after the old name of Hiiumaa meaning “island of the day”. The members are so devoted to their culture, that their main goal is to preserve traditional dances and to keep practicing them, therefore, they actively perform, teach others, present their costumes not only in Estonia, but also in various festivals around the world. The farthest country they have visited is South Korea.