The folklore group of Giuseppe Garibaldi Centre of Gaucho Traditions

Artistic director Gustavo Dutra Bastos

The group is based in Encantando, a Brazilian city of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, famous for some of the oldest Gaucho – South American ethnic group – dances, which originated in Spain in the middle of the 17th and 18th centuries. The group’s dancers say that the traditional Gaucho dances are expressions of their souls – they manifest nobility and respect for women, which has always characterised the people of Rio Grande.

The dance “Biriva” demands a lot of skill, dexterity and precision since it is performed waving knives to the rhythm of music; “Chula” is a male dance in which dancers show their skills through various movements around wooden rods, placed on the ground.

The performances are accomanied by a band of five musicians, who play three guitars, a bagpipe and a cajón – traditional South American percussion instrument, resembling a wooden box.