The festival will begin on July 4 with a symbolic ignition of flame at Verkiai Mound: in a beautiful space ofVilniusemerging from the union of nature, humans and myths, in a spiritual place of birth of the city.

There, on the hill, near the river and the trees, locals and foreign guests will walk in a ceremonial circle, say their greetings and perform pieces of their most significant songs or dances, then we all together will sing Lithuanian sutartinės.

The ceremony will be led by Romuva priestess Inija Trinkūnienė and the band “Kūlgrinda”. If everything goes according to the plan, the representatives of the guests and the organizers will arrive extraordinarily – they will sail down the Neris with the Viking ship and spread cheerfulness among the citizens with the beauty of songs, art, costumes and festivity.