At 6 p.m. we are all invited to attend the opening concert of the festival at Vilnius Congress Hall (Vilnius St. 6). The concert is an opportunity to learn about all participants and the best, most spectacular performances they prepared for the audience. We will see groups from see Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Japanand India. The concert is titled “Gamta gimta” (“Native Nature”), which represents its concept. The Lithuanian word gamta (nature) evolved from the word gimti (to be born). Hence, it defines everything that is born, including us, people. We use the same stem words gimta, gimtas (native) to recognize what is our own to recognize what is our own and dear, passed on from generation to generation: language, home, land and the living world welcoming us from our early days.

Our, Lithuanian, folklore ensembles and performers will unfold in the subtle light of our nation’s creative work, and our foreign guests will elaborate on their native environment – what an interesting evening!

The event will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival.

Everyone is welcome – the entrance is free!